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Selling Your Boat: The Process

Selling Process:

  1. Market Evaluation: Our experts assess the market to determine the optimal pricing strategy for your boat.

  2. Sign Listing Agreement: Officially engage with Calm Seas Yachting to authorize the sale of your boat through our brokerage services.

  3. Capture Images and Promotional Videos: We'll capture stunning images of your yacht's features to showcase its appeal to potential buyers.

  4. List Yacht: Utilize our platforms and networks to list your boat, ensuring maximum exposure to potential buyers.

  5. Receive Offers: Interested buyers submit offers through our channels, facilitated by our experienced team.

  6. Survey & Sea Trial: Schedule comprehensive surveys and sea trials to provide potential buyers with confidence in your boat's condition and performance, often necessary for insurance purposes.

  7. Negotiate Accept or Reject: Our expert brokers will help you analyze and negotiate offers, advising whether to accept or reject based on variable terms and conditions. Sellers and buyers will decide on acceptance, and we'll move forward accordingly.

  8. Close: Finalize the sale with the buyer through our seamless process. We handle all necessary paperwork and facilitate the transfer of ownership with professionalism and efficiency.


Buying Process:

  1. Market Research and Budgeting: Stay informed about current market trends and pricing while determining your budget, including potential financing options and associated costs.

  2. Offer Drafting and Submission: Seek advice from industry experts to draft a compelling offer with clear terms, then promptly submit it for a quick response from the seller.

  3. Buyer Acceptance and Contingency Period: Allocate approximately 30 days for the buyer acceptance period, using this time to review and address any contingencies or issues that may arise.

  4. Closing Process: Expect the closing within a week to two weeks after buyer acceptance, and work closely with surveyors and legal professionals for a smooth closing.

  5. Deposit Negotiation and Financial Planning: Understand industry standards for the deposit and negotiate wisely, while securing financing and planning for the movement of finances.

  6. Competitive Edge Through Speed: Submit your offer quickly, especially in a competitive market, as sellers often prioritize offers submitted shortly after a showing.


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