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Maximizing Your Boating Season: Take Advantage of Early Spring Shopping in Maryland

Welcome springtime boat shoppers!

While boat shopping and buying can happen at any time of the year, early spring and late winter can provide ideal conditions for shopping and purchasing your boat in Maryland. First and foremost, consider buying in the early spring and late winter in order to maximize your boating season. It can be much more difficult to get the boat ready for launch during the busier times in the summer, meaning less time on the water for you! It can also be more expensive to store your boat in a marina in the summer as compared to other seasons. On the downside, many marinas in Maryland tend to store boats on the hard for the winter season. This creates some logistical complications with having the boat surveyed before it can launch. The best way to work around this is to have your surveyor do an inspection of the boat on the hard and you may even save some money on the inspection costs this way. This can also help you to decide whether to continue with the purchase or not – you can avoid the expensive launch costs if you’re not entirely happy with the survey results. However, before taking to the water, be sure to take into account common delays associated with gas boats. In some fuel docks, ethanol-blended gas is used, which separates and can lead to clogged filters, injectors, carburetors, and other engine performance issues. Despite the concerning appearance, this can typically be easily fixed with a fuel filter replacement - and a total cost of under $100. Additional potential problems such as corroded wires, air conditioner pumps not being primed, and small amounts of water in pumps can also cause major concerns, but can also be simple, inexpensive repairs. In order to get the best experience out of your boat, make sure you’re working with an experienced and knowledgeable broker, and using a qualified surveyor. Buying in early spring or late winter is the best way to get the most out of your summer boating season in your new boat. Don't let the season pass you by and don't delay - the market is going to be on fire this season, so call us now and take advantage of the process we offer to simplify your purchasing decision. Let Calm Seas Yachting be your source for all your summer boating needs and get out on the water without waiting! Contact us here or call at 443.797.3698 today!


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