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  • Olivia Schneiderhan

Top 5 Tips for Selling Your Boat in 2023

Are you looking to buy or sell your boat this summer?

Well, look no further – we’re here to help!

We know that selling your boat or yacht can seem overwhelming and complicated, so we’ve compiled our top 5 tips to help make the process easier and more successful.

Tip 1: Clean and de-clutter.

Buyers like to envision their boat the way they want it, so make sure you declutter any of your personal belongings. Ensure your boat is in ship-shape – give it a thorough cleaning inside and out and make sure everything is in working order.

Tip 2: Pricing.

Doing your research on market value of similar boats in your area is essential. Do not overprice your vessel as potential buyers will notice, however do not underestimate its value either. A fair market price is more likely to lead to a successful sale.

Tip 3: Set the stage.

Photograph your boat and prepare the proper marketing materials – include the full list of features and updates your boat has, including the year of manufacture, size, engine type and horsepower, features, options and photos of your vessel.

Tip 4: Create demand.

Network with fellow boaters and brokerages and utilize social media platforms to promote your listing and drive up interest. Talk up the great features your vessel offers and how you’ve kept up with all of the maintenance.

Tip 5: Be prepared to negotiate.

It is not uncommon for the buyer to negotiate with you on the final sale price – do your homework to know the estimated range of prices you are willing to accept and don’t let emotion enter the equation. At Calm Seas Yachting, we specialize in finding our clients the best possible deals for their boats, so reach out and let us help make your dream sale a reality this summer.

We hope our tips were useful in getting you ready to buy or sell a yacht or boat. From all of us at Calm Seas Yachting, we look forward to working with you soon!

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